The Rainyridge Dispersal

June 24, 2013 - Beausejour, Manitoba
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A once in a lifetime opportunity to acces the top genetics from this mater breeder herd!
Sale Managed by Brian Craswell and Steven Boerchers

Sunday, June 23rd - All day viewing with Western Hospitality Social at 6PM
Monday, June 24th - Sale starting at 9:30AM

Sale Headquarters:

South Beach Casino and Resort
P.O.Box 777 One Ocean Drive, Scanterbury, Manitoba R0E 1W0
ph: 204-766-2100, 877-775-8259
Ask for Rainyridge Dispersal group booking for preferred rate!

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Rainyridge Super Beauty (VG-87, 2yr)
SHE SELLS as Lot 1!
GPA LPI +2573 Conf +12
Supersitition x Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95 1* x Outside Breeze EX-95-2E 2* x Briana Milan EX-2E 6*

Ravenbrook Shaquille Bunny (VG-87, 2yr)
SHE SELLS as Lot 4!
GLPI +2233 Conf +14
Due 9/12/13 to Relief-P
Shaquille x Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95 1* x Outside Breeze EX-95-2E 2* x Briana Milan EX-2E 6*

Rainyridge Talent Elle *RC (VG-87, 2yr)
SHE SELLS as Lot 25!
1st Sr. 2-year-old, Morris 2011
Talent x VG-88 2* Triumphant x Rainyridge R Marker Ella VG-88 6* x Rayverley Leader Ezra EX 7*

Rainyridge Fortune Blossom (EX-90)
SHE SELLS as Lot 33!
Due January 2014 to Windbrook
Fortune x Rainyridge Journalist Babe EX-94-3E 2* x VG-86 Milan x Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX-5E 9*
*Blossum's 6/12 Windbrook & 11/12 Fever daughters also sell!

London MtElgin Shottle Leah (EX-91)
SHE SELLS as Lot 45!
Bred 5/8/13 to Blondin Lotus-ET
Maternal sister to All-American & All-Canadian Thrulane James Rose EX-97-2E 2*!
Shottle x Thrulane Roxy Lee VG-87 5*
*Leah's VG-86-2YR Destry, 6/11 Atwood and 3/13 Artful daughters also sell!

Rainyridge Numero Uno Love *RC
SHE SELLS as Lot 47!
Born: 9-21-12
Granddaughter of Shottle Leah, pictured above
GPA LPI +2848
Numero Uno x VG-86-2YR Destry x Shottle Leah EX-90 x Thrulane Roxy Lee VG-87 5*

Rainyridge Fever Charity
SHE SELLS as Lot 66!
Born: 10-26-11
Fever x Rainyridge Lee Candice EX-94-2E 8* x EX-90-4E 10* Broker x EX-3E 2* Starbuck


~Our Breeding Program~
Rainyridge/Optimal is a partnership of two farms which have a common goal. That goal is to breed, show, market and sell the most elite bovine genetics available today. Rainyridge Holsteins needs no introduction. Optimal Dairy is a new farm located in southern Manitoba which has easy access to travelers. Located only 45 minutes from Winnipeg International Airport, this sand bedded freestall has a new, modern section designed for high end genetic animals with high quality cow comfort. Although animals are milked on both farms, the majority of the show cows live at Optimal Dairy.
Rainyridge Holsteins
Ron & Karen Boerchers
P.O. Box 47
Laurier, MB Canada R0J 1A0
House: 204.447.2047
Barn & Fax: 204.447.2598
Ron Cell: 204.447.0379
Optimal Dairy
Steven, Ellen & Everleigh Boerchers
Box 2 Grp 402
Beausejour, MB Canada R0E 0C0
House & Fax: 204.268.2845
Steven Cell: 204.266.1392